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About Us

Welcome to DB Solutions


DBSolutions UK Ltd was founded by Dale Beardsley back in 2004, after Dale had gathered over 30 years of experience in various roles of the construction industry. From fabricating structural steel in the workshop and manufacturing shopfitting equipment, to management and directorship roles in construction, Dale has seen it all!


Since 2004, DBSolutions has grown into a respected shop fitting contractor that takes pride in the quality of all fit outs that we complete. Our philosophy means that we are actively involved throughout the entire process of your project, from conception all the way through to completion.


Furthermore, our ‘hands on’ approach allows us to deliver tailored design projects within the allocations of your budget and timescales. DBSolutions are dedicated to helping organisations in equipping their business with the ultimate design and manufacturing solutions and maintaining strong client relationships as a result. We use the experience and knowledge that we have gained from working in a variety of construction industries to design, manufacture and install projects for a variety of clients. We have a team of specialist designers and craftspeople to create holistic, appropriate and trustworthy solutions for a diverse range of projects.


At DBSolutions, we regularly work with clients in the retail, tourism, and commercial sector to provide them with bespoke new fit-out and refurbishment projects. For more information on how we can help make your dream designs a reality, get in touch with us today.

Welcome to DB Solutions


Dale Beardsley founded DBSolutions UK Ltd in 2004, after having worked in the construction industry in various roles from fabricating structural steel in the workshop and manufacturing shopfitting equipment to management and directorship roles over the last 30 years.


DBSolutions takes pride in the quality of design and manufacture of all work produced and installed and is actively involved from conception through to completion of projects.


Dale’s work ethic is of a ‘hands on approach’, his role is to deliver the best design project, on time and on budget. He is dedicated to his clients and business, endeavouring to provide the very best client relationships and design and manufacture solutions.


DBSolutions draws on years of diverse experience and knowledge of the manufacture and construction industries as well as the skills of the designers and craftspeople to create holistic, appropriate and trustworthy solutions to a diverse range of projects.

A professional end-to-end fitting service


Our flexible approach means that DBSolutions can either manufacture your design by operating closely with your architectural team or support you during the concept generation and realisation of your bespoke design. You can either leave our experts to complete your project or have us work using the specifications that you provide; the choice is completely yours. To explore the wide range of services that we can provide your business with, take a look below.

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Knowledgeable advice

Thanks to the wide range of knowledge that our team has gained over the years, at DBSolutions we can offer your business an unrivalled advisory service to compliment and suit both your design and manufacturing requirements.

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In some cases, existing projects can benefit from minor repair works and a refresh of finishes and furniture. We are happy to work with you to assess what your project will benefit from, providing cost effective yet professional solutions.

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Stunning designs

The DBSolutions design service can work on two levels. Either, we work closely with you to develop your design, drawing on our vast knowledge of detailing and manufacture, or alternatively we are able recommend the services of a creative designer.

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High-quality manufacturing

DBSolutions are committed to producing the highest standards of manufacture in metalwork, woodwork, glass and acrylic as. Furthermore, our team can design stunning interiors by constructing qualitative furniture and built environments.

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Efficient installation

It is our aim to ensure that all fitting installations our done to the highest possible level. The DBSolutions team of dedicated and skilled fitters install with care and attention to detail, whilst also being personable and simple to work alongside.

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Project management

Whether DBSolutions work as a sub-contractor, or the main contractor as required, you can be assured that our team will excel in managing our side of the manufacturing and installation procedure. We specialise in working with tight deadlines.

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